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Can spirulina help beat the coronavirus?

Coronavirus, or COVID-19, has surely been one of the most searched and spoken words in recent days – both in our country and worldwide. And although a vaccine has not yet been developed, there are also natural ways to prevent and treat the infection. The possibility of it increases day by day, so it is certainly not unnecessary if you preventively protect your body.

Spirulina in the fight against coronavirus?

As is well known, spirulina has many healing properties and positive effects on the body. We already wrote about this in the article: Spirulina: much more than just a regular seaweed.  In addition to its detoxifying effect, it also has many benefits on gut health, blood pressure, blood cholesterol levels, hair, skin, and much more.

So what is the connection between spirulina and the coronavirus?

According to the latest study published in the scientific journal Progress in Cardiovascular Disease, spirulina may have tremendous potential to increase the body’s interferon type 1 response in the fight against RNA viruses. These include the flu and the coronavirus.

A spirulina component called phycocyanobilin (PCB) mimics bilirubin, allowing it to “mimic the NAPDH oxidase inhibiting activity”.

This means that it blocks the key physiological mechanism that RNA viruses use to reproduce in the human body.

spirulina coronavirus
coronavirus spirulina
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And what do the experts say?

“The phycocyanobilin (PCB) chromophore of cyanobacteria (such as spirulina) and many types of blue-green algae, a biliverdin metabolite, has been shown to mimic the NAPDH oxidase inhibiting the activity of unconjugated bilirubin, likely because it is rapidly converted within cells to phycocyanorubin, a compound very similar in structure to bilirubin,” the researchers say.

“This phenomenon likely explains many of the profound antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects observed when spirulina, phycocyanin (the prominent spirulina protein incorporating PCB as a chromophore), or PCB itself are administered in rodent models of human pathology.

Hence, the ingestion of spirulina or of spirulina extracts enriched in PCB may have the potential for boosting type 1 interferon response in the context of RNA virus infection. Oral administration of a cold-water spirulina extract rich in phycocyanin has been found to decrease mortality in influenza-infected mice,” researchers conclude.

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Written by: Nika Švajncer

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