Hydra Electrolyte with Lemon juice, 40 servings


  • Irresistibly powerful in the fight against physical and mental fatigue in the face of increased exertion
  • 52% organic ingredients
  • Contains organic lemon juice powder
  • Coconut water powder
  • Establishes electrolyte balance
  • Contains Aquamin™, a natural marine source of magnesium and calcium with improved absorption
  • Contains Na, Mg, Ca, K
  • Magnesium helps to reduce fatigue and tiredness, balance electrolytes, release energy for metabolism and muscle function
  • Provides optimal hydration during prolonged physical activity



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Electrolytes powder is a blend of lemon, coconut water and natural minerals. This electrolyte drink is irresistibly powerful in the fight against physical and mental fatigue during increased exertion, yet gentle so that you can enjoy it without fear whenever you feel thirsty. The selected combination of organic lemon, organic coconut water and natural Aquamin™ minerals (Mg and Ca) restores the necessary electrolyte homeostasis in the body for optimal well-being and a freshness that inspires everyone around you.

Coconut* water powder (coconut* water (90%), maltodextrin*), Aquamin™ (32.9%) (magnesium and calcium from red seaweed), lemon* juice powder (21.4%) (maltodextrin*, lemon* juice concentrate (35%)), potassium citrate (K), sea salt, sweetener steviol glycoside.

*from organic production

Stir 1 heaped scoop of powder (7 g) into 200 ml of water. Store in a cool, dry place.


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