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The spring is coming and with it time for some changes, but before you start reading this article, answer the following questions:

  • Are you, day after day, waking up tired and without energy?
  • Is your wellbeing at the rock bottom and your body isn’t working as it should?
  • Do you feel that your body desperately needs detoxification?

If you can answer any of these questions (or even all of them) with a YES, then read on. And don’t miss the one-time offer at the bottom of the article! 😉

Namely, you can successfully eliminate all of the above-mentioned inconveniences with the help of one of our most popular products: Organic Green Vitality Blend.

The Organic Green Vitality Blend combines the power of chlorella, spirulina, moringa, nettle, mint, baobab powder, and wheatgrass. Organically grown superfoods with high chlorophyll, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, protein, and fiber content ensure effective detoxification and promote the vitality of the body.

Green Vitality blend has a triple healthy effect: algae and grasses promote detoxification, nettle acts as a diuretic, while algae, moringa, and baobab nourish the body with vitamins and minerals.

These are the reasons why our Green Vitality blend may be your number 1 ally this spring:


Chlorella is a green alga that helps maintain the normal function of the colon, alleviate irritation of the intestinal wall, increase the growth of beneficial intestinal microflora, and eliminate toxic and unhealthy compounds (heavy metals) from the body.

In addition to being an antioxidant and a rich natural source of essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals, it also serves as excellent support to the immune system. Chlorella supports the vitality and activity of the organism, while also maintaining physical fitness and the body’s energy levels.

It also has a beneficial effect on cell regeneration and contributes to the production of leukocytes. Additionally, it helps the heart and blood vessels to function properly and keeps the liver healthy. Its green color indicates high chlorophyll content, which helps in cleansing the blood.

Our chlorella originates from Taiwan, where it grows under natural light in pure spring water.


Organically grown algae spirulina helps to improve vitality and wellness and provides the body with energy. As it contributes to weight management and promotes detoxification, it is a popular superfood in the fight against excess weight and improves body tone.

Spirulina is a rich source of protein (over 60%), vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and fatty acids as well as contains chlorophyll, lutein, and zeaxanthin. This makes it an extremely nutritious food – in fact, it is the world’s most nutritious food.

spirulina green vitality

This blue-green alga is good at combating fatigue as it fills us with energy. However, her ability to contribute to a good immune system should not be overlooked.

Like chlorella, our spirulina also originates from Taiwan, where it grows under natural light in pure spring water.


Nettle supports the body’s immune response and helps heal wounds. It is excellent in combating lung inflammation and respiratory problems as it calms the airways. Nettle gives strength and is good for bones.

The minerals and trace elements found in it strengthen the bones, nails, and hair. It is also known to contribute to clearer skin. In addition, nettle improves blood circulation and helps maintain the health of the blood vessels, and thus also the health of the heart.

Due to its high chlorophyll content, it helps in cleansing the blood. Consuming nettle reduces the feeling of exhaustion and tired legs while simultaneously giving energy to the body.


Moringa is famous for being the most nutritious plant in the world. Organically grown dried moringa leaves are a superfood that ensures balance and harmony in the body. Moringa is high in protein, fiber, antioxidants, vitamins (A, B, C) and minerals (magnesium, potassium, calcium).

moringa green vitality

Moringa is considered a “miracle tree”, and it gained such a reputation because it:

  • contains lots of omega fatty acids, flavonoids and phytoestrogens;
  • contains 20 amino acids, 46 antioxidants, and 36 anti-inflammatory substances and more than 90 other nutrients;
  • helps with detoxification;
  • has anti-inflammatory properties;
  • increases endurance and accelerates muscle regeneration;
  • helps regulate blood sugar.


Baobab is a nutrient-rich food that serves as a natural probiotic.


Wheatgrass is considered to be a rich treasury of antioxidants and has a high content of chlorophyll which helps in cleansing the blood.


Peppermint, as the cherry on top, accentuates the flavor of the blend and has beneficial effects on the gastrointestinal tract.

Despite the design of the product which is intended for detoxifying the body, you can also drink this Green algae and grass blend as a green elixir of health.

We have also prepared a unique offer for you: the Green Detox product package!

The package includes a full-sized Organic Green Vitality Blend, Organic Premium Moringa Powder, and Organic Taiwanese Spirulina Powder for just 52,00€ (regular package price: 86,00 €).

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moringa green vitality spirulina

Our user’s experiences

I first tested the product in January, and I can’t even describe my enthusiasm for it.  It, as a whole, represents what most brands which want to do well not only for humans but also for our planet, animals, and generations to follow, should stand for. I love its refreshing taste with a hint of mint. It never makes you think that it is, in fact, a mixture of green foods, which can often taste unpleasant. I’m glad they dedicated their time to develop the taste which is pleasant and delicious. It totally impressed me. I highly recommend it for those who live a fast-paced life, for those the diet is the one you run out of time to and for anyone who wants to feel good. I strongly, strongly recommend it.” –Monika

I ordered the Green Vitality Blend because I had problems with digestion and bloating, which was a sign for me that my body urgently needed a detox. I started drinking it before breakfast and after a couple of days, the difference was already noticeable. My body had more energy, I felt ‘lighter’. I also noticed the difference on my skin as it felt less dull and tired.” –Nina

I have been using it to detoxify my body for 1 month and I have noticed some changes in my skin which is clearer, I am no longer so tired, I have more energy and my digestion has improved which can also be noticed on the scale. In the morning, I mix it with 2 teaspoons of orange juice and drink it on an empty stomach.” –Dijana

Written by: Nika Švajncer

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