Isotonic Drink MOVE with Organic Ingredients


Restores the body’s natural balance with increased sports activity
Enables optimal energy release during sports activities for up to 4 hours
Contains naturally derived minerals Mg, Ca, Na and K
Magnesium contributes to electrolyte balance.
Potassium and Calcium contribute to muscle function.


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Drink with lemon and coconut water powder with addition of organic sources of carbohydrates and sugars in functional proportion.
A completely natural drink, made with selected ingredients, allows and contributes to the balance of nutrients in the body.

Dextrose* (32.5 %), cane sugar*, maltodextrins* (24 %),
lemon* juice powder (13.7 %) (maltodextrin *, lemon* juice concentrate
(35 %)), coconut* water powder (6.6 %) (coconut* water (90 %),
maltodextrin*), Aquamin™ (3 %) (Magnesium and Calcium from red
algae), sea salt, Potassium citrate.

*Powdered certified organic ingredients.

Mix 40 g (2 heaped tablespoons) powder into 500-600 ml of water. Take 1 dosage during the exercising and before the training.


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