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The world-famous prominent ceremonial matcha combined into a blend with medicinal mushrooms and other organically grown superfoods stimulates brain function and improve focus.

The Mushroom Matcha blend is rich in adaptogens, nootropics and antioxidants and acts as nourishment for the brain and the nervous system.


Matcha is a special type of green tea that has been traditionally consumed by the Japanese on special occasions. Today it is being enjoyed all over the world due to its vital healing capabilities. Matcha’s specialty is the fact that it isn’t in the regular form of green tea that we are used to, but rather that its leaves are finely ground into a green powder.

Thus, when drinking matcha we consume not only the leaf extracts but entire leaves. This means that we ingest a lot more oxidants and other essential nutrients.

Matcha, alongside other ingredients, improves focus, mental stamina, and productivity.


Mushroom Hericium (Lion’s mane) serves as nourishment for the brain and nerve cells as well as helps in renewing them.


Herb Brahmi improves our mental functions, increases concentration, and helps in remembering and overcoming unclear thoughts if we consume it regularly. It also helps in maintaining good cognitive functioning, supports learning-related abilities and is well-known as food for meditation.


Lucuma is a fruit and is considered a great natural sweetener. Alongside adding a sweet taste to the Mushroom Cocoa it also enriches it with vitamins and minerals.

Are you interested to find out more? To find out more benefits of mushroom matcha read the article Improve your concentration with Mushroom Matcha!

The Mushroom Matcha Blend is prepared like any other matcha drink—mix it into hot water and optionally add sugar and milk. The blend can be used to prepare a refreshing drink (for example with coconut water) or the well-known matcha latte. With the Mushroom Matcha Blend, you can enrich various desserts, drinks, fruit salads, smoothies and snacks.Taste: Dominated by the bitterness inherent to green tea.

Recommended daily intake: 7 g (1 heaped teaspoons). 

This food supplement is not a substitute for a balanced and diverse diet. Recommended daily intake should not be exceeded. 

Mushroom Lion´s mane (Hericium)*, lucuma*, matcha* (ceremonial), brahmi* (Bacopa Monniera)*.*Powdered certified organic ingredients. 

Keep out of reach of children! After opening, close the package tightly and keep it in a cool, dry place.


  1. Katka Verified Owner

    Matcho pijem že več let in so različnih okusov oz. kakovosti. Najboljša je seveda ceremonial in jo res toplo priporočam. Ta macha y gobo žal nima ceremonial matche, a je vseeno zanimivega okusa. Jaz jo pijem s kokosovim mlekom, in sicer popoldne. Zjutraj obvezno ceremonial matcho in popoldne še tole matcho y gobico. Priporočam. Je fino za pocrklat in še zdrava je.
    Bi bilo pa fino poskusit kakšen okus bi imela ta matcha, če bi bila ceremonial. Morda nekoč :). Zagotovo jo takoj kupim, do takrat pa imam zalogo 3 škatel :).

    • Nutris Point

      Pozdravljeni. Hvala za vaše mnenje in pripombo. Matcho smo kupili od preverjenega dobavitelja, ki je ceremonial matcha. Veseli bi bili, če nam lahko podate informacijo, zakaj sklepate, da matcha ni ceremonial.

  2. Tom and Jane, entrepreneurs

    It is literally food for our brain.

  3. Eva

    Very good!

  4. Sophie Leight

    I drink this mashroom matcha every morning. It gives me a focus and productivity during entire day. Great product!

  5. Nika

    Ker imam pri dolgotrajnem delu težave s koncentracijo in občasne glavobole, hkrati pa obožujem matcha latte, sem se odločila preizkusiti Mushroom Matcha. Okus je meni osebno še boljši od navadne matche! 🙂 Napitek se je odlično izkazal tudi pri koncentraciji, saj svoje delo z njegovo pomočjo lažje in bolj zbrano opravim. Super je!

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