Sport Collagen Complex MOVE, Natural Collagen Blend


Four types of natural collagen
High quality vitamin C from Acerola
Natural hyaluronic acid
AquaminTM (magnesium and calcium from red seaweed)



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A natural collagen blend for athletes, with targeted effects on joints, connective tissue and bones.

Collagen is the most important protein in the human body. It is crucial for flexible joints, stable bones, healthy muscles, strong ligaments and tendons as well as for smooth skin, shiny hair and healthy nails. Multicollagen complex with targeted effect on joints, connective tissue and bones is a complex of highly functional type I, II, V, X collagen from various sources.

Hydrolysed collagen powder Peptan™ (FISH and BOVINE), Aquamin™ (Magnesium and Calcium from red algae), blueberry powder, MSM, dates powder, beetroot powder, blackcurrant powder, OvometTM – EGGSHELL membrane collagen, Boswellia extract, natural flavour, bamboo extract, stevia leaves powder, sodium ascorbate, acerola (vitamin C), UC-II® collagen complex with cartilage undenatured (native) collagen type II, BioPerineTM black pepper extract.
One portion (13,5 g): hydrolysed collagen type I: 4 g; MSM: 1 g; egg collagen: 300 mg; UC-II® collagen complex with type II: 40 mg – collagen type II 10 mg; bamboo extract – silica: 150 mg; Boswellia extract: 200 mg; Bio-PerinTM: 5 mg; vitamin C 100 mg (125 % RDA*); Aquamin Magnesium 140 mg (37 % RDA*); Aquamin Calcium 275 mg (34 % RDA*).
Mix 13,5 g into lemonade, juice, water or any other liquid of your choice.
This food supplement is not a substitute for a balanced and diverse diet. Recommended daily intake should not be exceeded.
Keep out of reach of children!
Seal the can after opening and keep away from source of heat


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