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Try Chaga and Reishi and say goodbye to annoying cold

It’s the peak of winter and with it also thrive various viruses that won’t leave us alone. Do you also have a runny nose since the beginning of January? We know a solution that cannot be compared to any other medicine! And why is it so special? It contains two powerful medicinal mushrooms: Chaga and Reishi.

We call it an antiviral potion, without which we can no longer imagine these winter days.

We already wrote about the Reishi mushroom in the article Boost your immune system with Reishi mushroom!, but this time we would like to familiarize you with the Chaga mushroom.

Known as a parasite for trees and a fountain of health for us, Chaga encourages the body to heal itself.

A mushroom that ripens for up to 5 years on trees such as birch, beech, and alder, helps to renew cells, promotes their growth and protects them against free radicals. Chaga is a very long-lived mushroom. As a result it contains much more concentrated healing components than the rest of the medicinal mushrooms.

chaga powder

Chaga mushroom is a complete superfood rich in dietary fiber (beta-glucans), vitamins, minerals and is known as one of the best sources of antioxidants found in nature. It has a considerable amount of riboflavin and niacin. Chaga is also a source of flavonoids, phenols, copper, calcium, potassium, manganese, zinc and iron and contains various enzymes.

Since ancient times, Chaga mushroom has always been used to support the immune and cardiovascular system and regulate blood sugar.

It is an important source of plant sterols that lower LDL (bad) cholesterol. The potassium in it contributes to maintaining normal blood pressure and the functioning of the nervous system and muscles.

chaga mushroom

For centuries, Chaga has also been used as a medicinal herb for:

  • battling sun damage
  • pain relief
  • cancer treatment and as chemotherapy protection
  • removing certain parasites
  • detoxifying (blood and liver)
  • bronchitis
  • improving circulation
  • intestinal protection
Chaga is a powerful natural adaptogen, meaning it helps the body to easily adapt to different internal and external factors (stress, cold or flu, adrenal burnout, depression, …).

Regular consumption of Chaga mushroom reduces inflammation, positively affects digestion and might even slow down the aging process. More importantly, it also relieves stress and anxiety as well as boosts our energy. This is especially important for today’s hectic way of life.

RECIPE: Antiviral potion

chaga reishi antiviral potion



Blend all the ingredients in a high-performance blender and if desired sweeten with honey or add some cinnamon.

How to make Chaga tea? Boil some water, add 2 heaped teaspoons of NUTRISPOINT’s Wild-harvest Chaga Powder. Leave it for 15 minutes. Before you use it in the recipe, let the tea cool down.

Written by: Nika Švajncer

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